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Big Changes Have Come to the Boutique Workshop Membership


I have a vision of helping Boutique Owners across the country believe that they are worthy of taking a paycheck.

And that they can get out of "hot mess mode" thinking.

I believe every boutique owner can confidently find profitability and peace of mind in their business.

I have this dream of continuing to build a safe space where boutique owners can come and get equipped with the simple skills to understand what the numbers are saying about the story of their business.

An idea of providing an authentic and genuine community where they can come and learn how to take that story and create a story of their own - one in which they control their cash, their inventory and their time.

You're part of this vision. YOU are part of this dream.

You can write a story of profitability and peace of mind in your boutique.

Let's do this. Come on.


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Ciara Shares Advice On Selecting a Mentor

Ciara recently sat down with Rani Alfers on her podcast, Working Women Mentor. The two discussed finding a mentor and why preparation is so important when you're searching for that perfect fit.

Ciara shared a few proven methods when it comes to selecting and meeting a mentor.

From the show notes:

This episode will give you permission to change your mind on your professional journey and proves that your starting point does not have to be your stopping point. Ciara Stockeland is a champion for small business owners, Score.org and you!

Go ahead - click here to listen to the episode.

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Registration Open! The {FREE} Boutique Business Makeover Masterclass

If you're a boutique business owner who feels overworked and underpaid, I've got a great masterclass for you!

May 16-18, I'll be going LIVE to give you a FREE look at the Boutique Workshop Method. 

The Boutique Business Makeover Masterclass will equip you with the tools you need to build Profitability and Peace of Mind into your boutique business.

Go ahead and use this link to save your spot!

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Tips and Tricks for A Great Market Experience


Maybe you've never been to market. 

Or maybe you went and had a not-so-great time.

We want to help you have a great market experience. 

Check out this interview with Boutique Workshop Coach, Heather Keasling, and learn to maximize on the money and time you spend when you head to market. It's filled with great tips and tricks.

And, if you really want to ensure a great market experience, join me at The Boutique Workshop Live event on May 15th. It's a full-day workshop on inventory and buying - and on the 16th, we'll head to Magic Market together. You'll be able to immediately implement everything you've learned.

Go ahead, learn more and sign up here.

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Achieving Goals Via Small Steps and Determination

Ciara was recently featured on Cynthia Jones' Ignite The Desire podcast.

During their conversation, Ciara shared some fantastic insights into how to build a successful business. Not only are small steps and determination a key part of growth and success - you also have to be sure to take time for yourself along the way.

Use this link to listen now.

Here's a look at the episode...

  • [02:38]  Creating your journey
  • [05:01]  Importance of gratitude
  • [09:13]  How to honor your dreams
  • [12:54]  Importance of actionable steps
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Ciara Shares How to Grow and Franchise Your Boutique Business

Ciara was recently featured on Guillaume le Tual's podcast, eCommerce Wizards. During their conversation, Ciara talked about how boutique business owners can grow and franchise. You can listen in here.

From the podcast show notes:

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ciara Stockeland’s background in entrepreneurship
  • How to source products for a boutique business
  • Lessons Ciara learned during the startup phase of franchising her business
  • The realities of the franchise model and how it works in action
  • How to avoid bottlenecking while scaling your business
  • Focusing on your metrics to keep growing
  • Why curiosity is crucial for long-term business success
  • The idea behind the Profit First system and how it works
  • Developing relationships to strengthen your business
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#AskCiara Video on Product Markdowns


#AskCiara videos are quick answers to questions that have come up in the Boutique Owner's Collective Facebook group.

Q: How do you know when to mark product down? When should you just decide to donate leftover product?

I like to think of inventory as a way to build relationships with my customers. 

Even if I have to markdown to 75% off or put some products in a $5 bin, it's completely worth it if my customers feel they're getting a win.

A sale is a win-win if it means it gets customers shopping with me. 

Then, at the end of the day, it's great to donate the leftover, random pieces to a local women's shelter or charity. You can take a tax write off for the donation.

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Curious About Using Dropshipping In Your Boutique Business?

Maybe you've heard about the benefits of dropshipping.

Or maybe the idea is brand new.

Either way, we've got the perfect workshop for you!


Join the LIVE Dropshipping Workshop, Wednesday, April 27th at 9am CST.

If you can't make the live event, no worries! We'll post the replay as soon as the workshop's done. That way, you can watch and re-watch at your own pace.

Besides the live class, you'll also get an awesome worksheet covering all the details of the workshop. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the class - by the end of the session, you'll have everything you need to get started.


Add this workshop to your boutique ownership education, and increase the power and reach of your business!

For more info and to sign up, click here.

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Ciara Shares About Her Entrepreneurial Journey On The Joy Found Here Podcast

Ciara recently sat down with Stephanie Martinez Rivera on the podcast, Joy Found Here.

They talked about Ciara's background, her focus on connecting with others, and about how she works with and helps her clients. Ciara shared some incredible advice - you'll definitely want to listen in.

From the episode show notes:

Have you considered starting your own business? Life’s too short to not embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and see what incredible opportunities come your way because of it!

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by Ciara Stockeland. Ciara is a serial entrepreneur, fashion maven, coach, and inspirational speaker. At the age of 14, Ciara created and scaled her first business, the Third Street Acting Company. In 2006, she opened Mamma Mia, a high end maternity boutique. Ciara then continued in retail and opened MODE, an innovative clothing boutique which she franchised nationwide. Most recently, Ciara has launched btqBOX, the first wholesale subscription box...

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Freedom From Debt: Jackie's Story


I'm so excited to share this conversation I recently had with Jackie, maker, artist and owner of Dyetology, a custom-made clothing company.

My hope is that sharing stories will help normalize where we're all at in boutique business ownership. Through story-sharing and community, we realize we're not alone in business struggles. We're not the only business owners feeling this way. We're not the only ones with questions about how to make it all work. This is small business - it's tough, but we can win at it. Community makes this so much easier.

Jackie became a member of The Boutique Workshop's Accelerator Mastermind program at the beginning of 2022. When she came to the group, she was completely consumed by debt. She felt hopeless, overwhelmed and was desperate to see and feel some momentum. She felt so bottomed out that she was willing to do anything. Luckily, that's when she found The Boutique Workshop.

Get this: in just a few months of working with the The Boutique Workshop's...

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