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Think On This: Business Ownership...

boutique business boutique ownership education growth Jun 09, 2022
Ciara Stockeland holding a cup of coffee. Caption reads,

As a business owner...

10% of the time you will feel like you would never quit! Your business is amazing, you couldn't think of any other life.

10% of the time you are looking for a way to shut down the website and turn in the keys.

80% of the time, it's just ticking on by. So-so. Eh. --- And that 80% of the time is when all the work gets done! That's when you build greatness and make good choices.

Don't live in the 10% top or 10% bottom.

Live in the 80% of the everyday, and keep putting one foot in front of the other! Keep learning. Keep implementing what you're learning. 

The 80% is where the growth happens.


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