Join me for this in-person Inventory and Buying Workshop!


May 15, 2022, just outside Nashville, Tennessee.


That's right! I'm taking The Boutique Workshop on the road, and I want you to join the event.

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Woman at professional conference writing on a board in a classroom.
Ciara Stockeland, founder of The Boutique Workshop, with members of The Boutique Workshop coaching program.
Ciara Stockeland, founder of The Boutique Workshop, leading a panel discussion at The Boutique Workshop Live coaching event.

MAY 15

9am-5pm: A Day of Learning

Join Ciara for workshops, special guest speakers and roundtables.

This will be an in-person, Inventory and Buying Workshop focusing on all things Inventory Management and Savvy Buying!


MAY 16

Optional Market Crawl

Explore the MAGIC Nashville Market with fellow boutique owners.

Put all you've learned on the 15th into practice! We'll kick off the MAGIC Market together with a fun crawl.


Save Your Seat!


Includes Both Days

  • Workshops
  • Special guest speakers
  • Roundtable discussion
  • Optional market crawl

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

One Day Inventory and Buying Workshop

Topics Include: 

  • Inventory and Your Team

  • Inventory and Profit First

  • Inventory and Your Cash

  • Inventory and Your Customers

  • Inventory and Marketing

  • Inventory and Your Bookkeeping

  • Inventory and Scaling for Growth

We will kick off the first half of the day with teaching from industry experts and then spend the afternoon in our signature Round Table Sesssion, where you will get to ask questions and practically apply everything you have learned. 

Ciara Stockeland, business coach and founder of The Boutique Workshop, with a group of Boutique Workshop members.
Image of the Harpeth hotel in Franklin, Tennessee, site of The Boutique Workshop Live event.
Conference room at the Harpeth Hotel in Franklin, Tennessee; site of The Boutique Workshop Live event.